"Gilby Clarke"
2007 Spitfire Records

cure me... or kill me... / tijuana jail
black (featuring dilana) / skin n' bones
wasn't yesterday great
if it's good enough for rock n' roll
punk rock pollution/ kilroy was here
bourbon street blues
can't get that stuff / dropping out
i'm nobody / alien / judgement day


"Rock Star: Supernova"
2006 Epic Records

It's On / Leave The Lights On
Be Yourself (And 5 Other Cliches)
It's All Love
Can't Bring Myself To Light This Fuse
Make No Mistake..This Is The Take
Headspin / Valentine / Social Disgrace
The Dead Parade


"Guns n' Roses: Greatest Hits"
2004 Geffen Records

Welcome To The Jungle / Sweet Child O' Mine
Patience / Paradise City
Knockin' On Heaven's Door / Civil War
You Could Be Mine /
Don't Cry - (original version) / November Rain
Live And Let Die / Yesterdays / Ain't It Fun
Since I Don't Have You
Sympathy For The Devil


2002 Spitfire Records

Alien / Under the Gun / Crocodile Tears /
Broken Down Car / Maragitia / I'm Nobody
Judgement Day / Beware of the Dog
Heart of Chrome / Warm Country Sun /
Diamond Dogs


"Nancy Sinatra: California Girl"
2002 Buena Vista Records

Alien / Under the Gun / Crocodile Tears /
Broken Down Car / Maragitia / I'm Nobody
Judgement Day / Beware of the Dog
Heart of Chrome / Warm Country Sun /
Diamond Dogs


Col. Parker - "Rock n' Roll Music"
2001 V2 Records

Dropping Out / Can't Get That Stuff
Harmony / All the King's Horses
Blink of an Eye / Mother Mary's Son
Angel's Run / Pills / Mercedes Benz Pushing 40 Blooze / Down Home Cookin' / Lord Only Knows


"99 Live"
1999 Radio Mafia Records

Recorded Live in Hollywood, CA
Wasn't Yesterday Great / Monkey Chow / Black /
Kilroy Was Here / Motorcycle Cowboys
Good Enough for Rock 'n' Roll /
Cure Me...or Kill Me... Tijuana Jail

Featuring Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns, Killing Machine) on guitar,
Eric Singer (Kiss, Alice Coooper) on drums, Stefan Adika on bass.


1998 Pavement Music

Kilroy Was Here / The Haunting
Something's Wrong With You
Sorry I Can't Write a Song About You
Mercedes Benz / The Hell's Angels
Saturday Disaster / Trash
Technicolor Stars / Superstar
Bourbon Street Blues
Frankie's Plan


"The Hangover"
1997 Paradigm Records

Wasn't Yesterday Great
It's Good Enough For Rock 'n' Roll
Zip Gun / Higher / Mickey Marmalade
Blue Grass Mosquito
Happiness Is a Warm Gun
Hang On To Yourself
The Worst / Captain Chaos
Punk Rock Pollution


Slash's Snakepit
"It's 5 o'clock Somewhere"

1995 Geffen Records

Neither Can I / Dime Store Rock / Beggars & Hangers-On Good to be Alive / What Do You Want To Be / Monkey Chow
Soma City Ward / Jizz Da Pit / Lower /
Take It Away
Doin' Fine / Be The Ball / I Hate Everyboy (But You)
Back and Forth Again


1995 Virgin Records

Tijuana Jail (Live)
Melting My Cold Heart
Life's A Gas
He's A Whore
Skin & Bones (Plugged)


"Pawnshop Guitars"
1994 Virgin Records

Cure Me...Or Kill Me... / Black / Tijuana Jail
Skin & Bones / Johanna's Chopper
Let's Get Lost / Pawn Shop Guitars
Dead Flowers / Jail Guitar Doors
Hunting Dogs / Shut Up


Kill For Thrills
"Dynamite From Nightmareland"

1990 MCA Records

Motorcycle Cowboys / Commercial Suicide
Brother's Eyes / Paisley Killers
Something for the Suffering / Rockets
Wedding Flowers / Ghosts and Monsters
My Addiction / Misery Pills / Silver Bullets


Kill For Thrills
"Commercial Suicide"

1988 World of Hurt

Commercial Suicide
Silver Bullets
I Wanna Be Your Kill
Pump It Up


Guns N' Roses
"Live Era 1987-93"

1999 Interscope Records

Nightrain / Mr. Brownstone / It's So Easy / Welcome To The Jungle / Dust N' Bones / My Michelle / You're Crazy / Used To Love Her / Patience / It's Alright / November Rain / Out Ta Get Me / Pretty Tied Up / Yesterdays / Move To The City / You Could Be Mine / Rocket Queen / Sweet Child O' Mine / Knockin' On Heaven's Door / Don't Cry / Estranged / Paradise City


Guns N' Roses
"The Spaghetti Incident"

1993 Geffen Records

Since I Don't Have You / New Rose
Down On The Farm / Human Being
Raw Power / Ain't It Fun
Bick Makane / Hair Of The Dog
Atttitude / Black Leather /
You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory /
I Don't care About You


"Whatever Happened to Fun..."

1985 Mercury Records

American Kix / Turn It Up Loud
Whatever Happened To Fun
Last Radio Show / Kids in the City
Weekend Boy / First Time
Electric Nights / Lonely Hearts


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