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The first installment of my guitar collection is my treasured Zemaitis's. I bought my first Silvertop Custom Deluxe from Tony Zemaitis in London in 1992.

The silvertop and the albalone/mother of pearl guitars were made for me by Tony. The other acoustics were gifts from my wife and daughter, after years of drooling over them.
I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Tony and his lovely wife Anne, when GNR was performing at the Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert in London 1992. I had always wanted a Zemaitis since the first time i saw Ron Wood and James Honeyman Scott play one in the late 80's, early 90's.

It took years to find out what kind of guitars they were, let alone how to get one. I went to the Zemaitis home and had tea and snacks with Tony and his wife. We chatted about old English guitarist's that we both admired, the blues and cars. Tony then hand-made me my first Z, mostly derived from Ron Woods. I even signed the template below Ronnny's signature.

The silvertop is my favourite guitar I have ever owned, and it will never leave my side. I played them a lot during the GNR years, and in some videos, and photo shoots.

The black silver top and black Greco are the newly made Z's from Japan. I play them currently on my solo dates and with Rockstar/Supernova.

Check out: for more info on these wonderful guitars. - gilby

©2007 Gilby 
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